Authorizer - Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy

Charter Agreement
Monitoring Guidelines - under transition to the EVOLVE platform
Annual Report - 2017-18
Notice of Recommendation to Revoke Charter

Mission & Vision

Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy provides robust, diverse and personalized educational pathways for “at risk” students through leveraging online coursework with community partnerships, internships and industry certifications. The intent is to provide an educational format that will accommodate Indiana students who fall by the wayside, missing the opportunity for greater personal development and ultimately greater economic opportunities. The vision is to provide an equal opportunity for academic success for all students, regardless of the obstacles in life that may hinder their success in a traditional school.

Targeted Student Population

While recognizing that all high school students in Indiana have the right to enroll, the targeted population are those with a record of poor performance. These are students who are out of their cohort due to academic deficiencies, intend to withdraw or have withdrawn from school, have failed to comply academically, are disruptive as defined in IC 20-10.1-4.6-1.6, or would benefit from instruction offered in a manner different than what is offered in a traditional school setting.

Educational Focus

The targeted population has significant hurdles, and in some cases, barriers in their path to receiving an education. Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy will focus on creating a viable and realistic pathway forward for each student using internships and industry certifications as a means to incentivize and provide relevance to their education. 

Daleville Community Schools is committed to fulfilling its role as a high-quality charter school authorizer by holding Indiana Virtual School accountable across a variety of performance dimensions. This accountability systemis rooted in DCS’s guiding principles:

Students First.

When performing its duties, DCS will always assess whether the best interests of students are being met.

Excellence in Leadership.

Operating a high-performing charter school requires excellent leadership from school boards and staff. DCS will authorize Indiana Virtual School to the extent that it can demonstrate strong leadership at both the school governance and administrative levels.

High Expectations.

DCS expects Indiana Virtual School to set high academic achievement expectations and ethical standards for students and staff. Similarly, DCS will establish high performance expectations and ethical standards for itself and for Indiana Virtual School.

Rigorous and Transparent Accountability.

DCS will hold Indiana Virtual School accountable for performance through rigorous and transparent accountability mechanisms. In turn, DCS will be held to a high performance bar by the State Board of Education.

In addition, the accountability system strives to achieve the appropriate balance between an authorizer’s obligation to protect student and public interests and uphold school autonomy.