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What is eLearning?

eLearning can take on many forms but common to all is the use of electronic technologies to access educational curriculum. eLearning involves the use of technology and innovative instructional strategies to engage students in their learning, create a collaborative environment, and promote digital literacy/digital world skills. Functionally, eLearning allows students to log in anytime from anywhere and complete the lesson at their own pace. At Daleville, students will access their teacher created eLearning content through our PowerSchool Unified Classroom. Unified Classroom allows teachers to create, assemble, and publish eLearning content in one easy-to-access location.

What Learning Management System (LMS) does Daleville use?

Daleville Community Schools uses PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom to manage student assignments, grades, attendance, and eLearning content. All students will have access to Unified Classroom to view eLearning lessons.

Will eLearning be used for School Cancellation Days?

Yes, utilizing eLearning for school cancellation permits staff and students to continue the learning process in real time instead of on designated flex days and also avoids the headache of adding school days to the calendar in May or June.

What will a School Cancellation Day look like for students?

On the day of cancellation, parents and guardians will receive an email from our PowerSchool Specialist at 9 A.M with instructions for accessing the eLearning lessons. Students will then use the canceled school day to work through the content. Teachers can be reached by students and parents through the Unified Classroom messaging or other means specified by the teacher. 

What will a School Cancellation Day look like for teachers?

On the day of cancellation, teachers will publish their eLearning lesson by 8:45 A.M. Parents and guardians will receive an email from our PowerSchool Specialist at 9 A.M with instructions for accessing the eLearning lessons. Teachers will be available to be reached by students and parents through the Unified Classroom messaging or other means specified by the teacher between 9-3 and responses will typically be available within 30-45 minutes of the contact. Teachers will use the cancelled day to prepare an additional eLearning lesson to replace the one used.

When are eLearning lessons due?

Each eLearning lesson is due 1 week after school is back in session. For example, if an eLearning day is called for Tuesday, January 15, and students return to school on Wednesday, January 16, the eLearning lesson would be due on Wednesday, January 23. If multiple, consecutive days are canceled, students will have an additional day for each consecutive absence.

How is attendance handled on an eLearning day?

Turning in the eLesson(s), whether electronically or on paper, constitutes attendance for the student. Those who turn in the lesson(s) will be counted present and those who do not will be counted absent. All eLearning assignments are considered meaningful to a student’s learning; therefore, students will be expected to complete all work.

How will staff and students prepare for eLearning days?

Daleville Community Schools will designate eLearning practice days throughout the school year to prepare for eLearning days. Each quarter, students will complete an activity using the eLearning process appropriate for their grade level. Practicing eLearning lessons will help our district address any challenges, as well as ensure readiness prior to a cancelation event.

Will students need access to the Internet?

eLearning does not mean that all households must have internet access. Daleville Community Schools will offer designated open lab times after canceled school days to assist our families with completion of eLearning lessons. Wi-Fi access is also available at several other locations in and around Daleville that may be used as an option to access and submit eLearning lessons.

What if students are having login issues or the content is not showing up?

Support is available at eLearningHELP@daleville.k12.in.us. If the problem is widespread, parents will be notified of the issue with further instructions via email.

How much time is the student expected to work online during the eLearning window?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time expected. Student “work load” is determined by grade level, the lesson plans for that day, the types of courses, and the amount of time needed to complete the learning experiences. Teachers strive to provide meaningful, organized lessons in both the classroom and eLearning environments. As a general rule, 20 minutes per subject or class can be expected for the average student. 

Are eLearning lessons aligned with each teacher's curriculum?

Yes. Daleville eLearning assignments are designed to be a logical continuation of current classroom topics, a concentrated review of material already covered, or supplemental content that enriches or broadens the student’s understanding of the subject. Through eLearning, teachers strive to maintain the educational momentum in the classroom.

Are designated break times included in the eLearning lessons?

No. eLearning is a practical opportunity for students to practice the skill of time management. Students determine when they will start work during the eLearning window. This also means that students determine when breaks are taken and whether to work in an uninterrupted stream or to break the learning experiences up during the day. “Brain break” activities that include movement and music may be included at the elementary level to encourage taking breaks and refocusing.

How can parents learn how to support their children during eLearning events?

Parents will have the opportunity to learn about Unified Classroom during Parent/Teacher Conferences and as well as at a Parent Technology Night during second semester. The purpose will be to provide an overview of our eLearning process, to demonstrate Unified Classroom, and assist parents with signing on to Unified Classroom. Opportunities will also be present for parents to appreciate how technology is used in our classrooms. 

Is parental support needed for eLearning experiences?

Parental support for eLearning is similar to the support your student needs for regular homework. More support is often needed (and expected) for younger students, however, eLearning lessons are designed to be completed with little or no parent involvement. Students are encouraged to contact the teacher with questions about the lesson. eLearning days provide an excellent opportunity for parents to learn more about what their child is currently learning in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to take this time to log in with their student and view assignment information.