2020 Academic Team

The Daleville Academic Team is made up of six different disciplines. Each discipline is specific to a certain subject. The math team is coached by Mrs. Chapin, the science team is lead by Mr. Shaffer, Mrs. Miller is coach of the Fine Arts team, and Mrs. Gibson leads the English team. There is also an interdisciplinary team that is made up of participants from different teams in which all coaches play a role in leading, but Mr. Wilson plays a key role in coordinating this team.    

On Monday March 2nd, the Academic Teams competed in the Conference meet at Cowan High School. There were twenty different teams that competed at this meet, teams of every class size and from different cities across Eastern Indiana. In the previous years, Daleville has only ever placed in one subject. This year our Daleville Academic Teams medaled in every subject they competed in! 

The math team won the mathematics section of the competition. The English, science and social studies teams all tied for first before ending up second place based on tiebreaker criteria. The Fine Arts team struggled early but finished strong to secure a 5th place finish. Finally, the interdisciplinary team rounded out the competition for Daleville with a 3rd place finish. 

Congratulations to all members and coaches of the Academic Team for your hard work during the last six months. The teams will continue to work hard and will soon be competing at the regional and state level. Students and teachers please remember to congratulate and encourage your Daleville Academic Team in the coming months. It is a great day to be a Bronco!