Daleville Community Schools (DCS) was the authorizer of two virtual charter schools: Indiana Virtual School (2011) and Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy (2017). DCS identified multiple concerns about the operations of IVS and IVPA and began working with appropriate government agencies regarding those concerns beginning in August 2018. On August 26, 2019, the Daleville Community Schools Board of Trustees voted to revoke the charters of IVS and IVPA due to their violations of agreements between the charter schools and Daleville Community Schools, including the charter agreements. The next day, the Boards of both charter schools dis-solved and the IVS-IVPA administration disengaged from the closure process, leaving students in the dark and without appropriate support.

Concurrent with and initiated by the DCS investigation, the Indiana State Board of Accounts testified in July, 2019 that IVS and IVPA had substantially misreported the enrollment data they had submitted to the Indiana Department of Education. In turn, the Indiana Department of Education calculated that IVS and IVPA owed at least $47.3 million dollars back to the State of Indiana. 

Because the administration of the charter schools refused to cooperate with the closure protocols, Daleville administrators stepped in and assumed closure duties and created a student records storage and distribution system for the 15,000+ IVS-IVPA students. Many students had incomplete records in the SIS requiring data extraction, evaluation and assembly from three different online content providers: Edmentum, EdOptions, and Florida Virtual Global, as well as from the cumulative folders that were found in the IVS-IVPA offices. In all, 11,742 student transcripts were created. DCS also evaluated transcripts for possible diploma issuance, signed work permits, conducted exit interviews, and provided updated records for thousands of students.

All 15,000 charter school records have been electronically shared with the next school of enrollment or, if no records were requested, with the student’s district of home settlement. 

To request student records PRIOR to January 31, 2020, email the following information to: records@daleville.k12.in.us

1) Full name of student, 2) Email address of the school official to access the records, 3) Name of school to receive records, and 4) Date of birth.

To request student records AFTER January 31, 2020, contact the Indiana public school corporation where the student resided when they were a student at Indiana Virtual or Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy.

Click here for History and Timeline of Daleville Community Schools and the Charter Schools

In August of 2018, DCS was asked by the Indiana State Board of Education Committee on Virtual Charter Schools for suggestions for state regulations concerning virtual charter schools. The document below contains our suggestions for regulations based on our experiences in serving as a virtual charter school authorizer since 2011. Most of these were not adopted by the Committee nor addressed in any other rule or regulation.

Click here for DCS Recommendations for Indiana Virtual Charter Schools Rules and Laws

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