Governor Holcomb announced that all Indiana schools are closed for normal operations for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.  Daleville Community Schools will transition to an E-Learning format until the final student day, May 22.  Each week, teachers will post 3 eLearning lessons on Monday morning by 9 AM with the expected due date of Friday by 3 PM.  Calendars for AprilMay are available for download.

The health and well-being of our students, staff, and community is of utmost importance.  We encourage everyone to follow the state guidelines regarding social distancing, personal hygiene, and healthcare habits.  Stay home/work from home if you are able.  Limit contact and time with others.

In our efforts to keep our students, staff and families informed with the latest information, please use this page as a reference for District communications regarding COVID-19 and other helpful resources.  Also, be on the watch for official e-mail announcements from the District.

Weekly Meals

  • We will continue to provide weekly meals on Mondays as long as our staff remains available to work.  Obviously, that is not guaranteed with the pandemic still increasing and new restrictions going into effect on an almost daily basis.  Order forms for the meals are sent out via our School Messenger email system.   Click here to go to our events page to see the meal program schedule.

COVID-19 Resources