Welcome! We are looking forward to a healthy and happy school year.

As your school nurses, the more informed you allow us to be concerning your child, the better care we will be able to provide.

Some helpful Health Office hints:

  • If your child is going to be absent, please leave a message on the absentee line at the elementary, or with the secretary at the HS.
  • When you call your child is sick - please, please, please include symptoms (rash, fever, cough, sore throat, vomiting, etc.), this way we will know if “something is going around” the classroom or school.
  • When you are questioning whether to send your child to school or not, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
    • Fever – A temperature greater than 100°F is considered a fever. Your child should be fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication, before returning to school.
    • Vomiting and Diarrhea – Your child should be symptom free for at least 24 hours before returning to school.
    • Rash – A rash is usually a sign of a viral illness. It may also be a reaction to a medication or chemical (plant, detergent). If your child has an unusual rash or it is associated with a fever - contact your doctor. Keep your child home until you have discussed the rash with your doctor.
  • If your child has anything contagious (i.e. chicken pox, Fifth disease, strep throat, conjunctivitis, impetigo, MRSA, measles, pertussis etc.), We need to know so we can take the necessary steps to prevent an outbreak.
  • If your child has head lice, please let us know. We can help.
  • If your child is being treated for an illness (pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infection, asthma), even if they don’t need the medication at school, it is helpful for us to know, so we can provide the best care for them at school.

Thank you,
Karen & Felicia