Welcome to Daleville Community Schools

Welcome to Daleville Community Schools where every day our chief mission is to inspire and enhance learning for all throughout our school community. At Daleville, we seek to provide individual attention and parental contact through promoting small class sizes, technological resources, and the best teaching professionals available.

We accept this responsibility as the community’s primary educational resource. Our mission is accomplished through an integrated, school and community-based, performance-driven program to successfully meet the individual needs of each student.

In our school community you will find...

  • Schools that have been recognized as recipients of the prestigious Indiana Four Star School Award, The Standards and Poors' Outperforming Schools Award, Indiana Best Buy Schools, and Most Successful School in Indiana by the Association of Teachers Educators.

  • Decisions, from the boardroom to the classroom, that are based on the best interest of students

  • Faculty members who care about students and maintain contact with parents

  • Students who respect others and are respected in return

  • A community proud of our students

  • Small class sizes promoting more individual and small group attention

  • A faculty and administration working in partnership to provide effective and responsive service to our students, parents, and community

  • Modern, safe, and well maintained facilities

  • Easy access to modern learning technologies

  • Athletic competition opportunities for the majority of students

  • Worthwhile academic extra-curricular opportunities

It is my hope that you find this website beneficial in learning about our schools and the success of our students. We are proud of our schools and, more importantly, our students for their dedication to giving their best everyday in the pursuit of learning, and in the preparation for future leadership roles in our community, our state and our nation.


Paul Garrison, Superintendent

Photo of Paul Garrison, Superintendent